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FireFox add-on to demo of intranet-version of Polyglossum

Corporative net-version of Polyglossum dictionaries intended to be used in intranet. Demo-version available in Internet. It is convenient to use net version of Polyglossum via browsers add-on.

Here is FireFox add-on to demo-version of Polyglossum_NET. Demo-version of Polyglossum_NET itself is located at

This add-on allow to popup window with Polyglossum and send it command dictionary to find the word selected in browser.

Polyglossum_NET is commerical application, but FireFox add-on itself has BSD license (GNU compatible). There are no closed code in this xpi. It can be freely used for example as sample to make add-on (or, better, internal feature of browser and FireFox OS) which could perform much common task: on user command show popup window with online application and send to it command based on selection in www page or in any other web application.

How to use Polyglossum_NET add-on:

When add-on installed it is possible to call Polyglossum_NET

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When Polyglossum_NET window popup, it shows result of searching the word in active doctionary.

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In Polyglossum_NET window it is possible to refine query, browse dictionary indices, change active dictionary, perform searching across all installed dictionaries. In last case Polyglossum will show list of dictionaries where given word can be found.
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Then user can jump to any of these dictionaries to view result of searching in this dictionary. For example in screenshot below there is result of searching in demo of Fachwörterbuch Biologie und Biotechnologie. Deutsch - Russisch - Deutsch.
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No need to close popup window of Polyglossum often. When it is inactive it do not anything, when it is called again it just become focused and perform searching in dictionary.

Install FireFox add-on

for demo of Polyglossum_NET
(to explore code of add-on rather download it and rename to
Go to demo of Polyglossum_NET without installing of add-on
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Description of Polyglossum_NET
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