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Intranet-version of Polyglossum dictionaries

(see online demo below on this page after description of the application)

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Polyglossum dictionaries are designed to quickly get full dictionary information about translation of words and/or terms.

Corporative net-version of Polyglossum dictionaries intended to be used in intranet.

Client server technology is used (web application). Server part is CGI program and dada files on http server. Clients work in browsers.

CGI available for OS Linux (apache; ...), and for Windows (IIS; apache; ...). On demand it is possible to compile CGI for FreeBSD etc.

Polyglossum_NET client compartible with HTML5 browsers:
FireFox ver.3.6+ (latest version recommended), Opera ver 11+, IE9+, Chrome (latest version recommended), Safari.

Touch screen devices also supported (Opera Mobile, ...)

User interface of Polyglossum_NET look alike user interface of Polyglossum for Windows (see here) and Polyglossum for OS X (see here)

Alphabetic lists of words (indices) shown "by demand" i.e. when user type word to be sought for in the lexical data base or when user want to scroll index to find appropriate word. Indices can be scrolled by mouse wheel or using screen-buttons. Laguage of index can be selected in drop=down menu in right upper corner of Polyglossum_NET window.

Result of request to search the word are lines of dictionary which contain requested word. There are also hyperlinks to entries of dictionary where requested word is described with details.

Usually several dictionaries are installed (for example Universal + Technical + set of sector-specialized dictionaris)

To set active dictionary use button When dictionary selected program automatically search for the word in input field.

It is also possible to perform searching across all installed dictionaries (button ).

To return back to result of previous request (i.e. to previous dynamic content of the same www page) use polyglossum's button , rather than "back" button of browser. The same on "forward" button, use polyglossum's button

Demo-version of Polyglossum_NET contain demo-versions of dictionaries, rather than full versions of dictionaries. Demo-version of dictionary is short fragment (3% - 5%) of full version of the dictionary. Closest analog of these demo is a few pages sample of printed dictionary. So, demo-versions of dictionaries ARE NOT for estimation of comprehension of full versions of dictionaries.

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Now 31 demo dictionaries installed on this server. As for full list of dictionaries please see pages

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Description of FireFox add-on to demo of Polyglossum_NET
we recommend this way (add-on) for using of Polyglossum_NET on desctop computers and notebooks.
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